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CARE Suffolk Seed Swap 2021

Swapping seeds with friends and other gardeners in your neighbourhood is a great way to increase the variety of what you grow, share spare seeds (whether bought or saved), as well as a good opportunity to exchange gardening tips and planting plans.

In preparation for the growing season ahead we were hoping to host a weekend day of seed swapping around early March. However… it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to hold our first seed swap in the format that we had hoped. Thank you COVID. So instead of a one day event, between Monday 8th March and Sunday 14th March it will be a ‘come and go as you please’ sort of function.

A basket will be on display at the back inside St Mary’s Church in Flowton for you to browse through. Hand sanitiser will be available too.

1. Bring your extra seeds

Swap in date: excess packets, unwanted varieties, self-saved seed, magazine packets, and even partially used packets.

If you don’t have any seeds to swap, there will also be a box for a small monetary donation. All donations will be shared equally between CARE Suffolk and St Mary’s Church in Flowton.

2. Pick your new seeds

Choose seeds from the selection we and others have made available, and use some of the small envelopes also available if you don’t need an entire packet. There will be a few pens for you to copy any notes over on to the envelopes.

Does anyone use 1000 carrot seeds?

3. Grow your new seeds

Enjoy the opportunity to grow a new variety of your favourite, or a new type of plant entirely.

Perhaps even save some of the seed to swap next year!

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