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What do we CARE about?

CARE Suffolk aims to protect the local countryside landscape and rural lifestyle,
by raising awareness of the benefits of open green spaces and promoting opportunities
for the local communities to make the most of this precious resource.

We are a group of local residents working in Flowton, Somersham, Burstall, Bramford Tye, Bramford, Little Blankenham, and Elmsett for the benefit of the local community.

Group Goals

To promote the benefits of open green spaces and support the existing open green spaces for people to visit and enjoy.

To protect and, where possible, enhance the existing open green spaces for continued future use by local and wider communities.

To organise group activities and events that support the needs of the local communities.

We believe…

We believe that the open rural landscape of our local countryside offers many benefits to it’s residents and visitors, and that it deserves to be protected and preserved.

We believe that the land can continue to be farmed to produce food and maintain the high quality soil we have in the area,
whilst also providing an environment for flora and fauna in the area to thrive.

We believe in helping preserve our local flora and fauna.

We believe in maintaining the peaceful and beautiful countryside walks surrounding our villages, that are so good for our mental and physical health.

We believe that by providing simple services that improve access to open spaces, such as the local countryside, that more than just the local residents can enjoy its benefits.

We CARE about our local area. Join us.