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Contact Your Elected Representatives

The electoral geography of our area is complicated! This guide attempts to summarise who is who and how to contact them but, if you remain confused, have a look at the online sources listed under each section.

You have a right to contact any of your elected officials about matters of concern in your area, and for information about things in your area too. This can range from concerns you have regarding new legislation being considered by Parliament (MP), to school issues (County), to planning applications (District). You can also contact your Parish Councillors regarding parish issues.

Please note though that you will need to include your address and postcode when you do so they can be sure you are in their area.

Members of Parliament

The best starting point is the Parliament website.

Two MPs – both Conservative – cover different parts of our area.

Dr Dan Poulter

Dr Dan Poulter is the MP for the Central Suffolk and North Ipswich constituency. This includes Bramford, Flowton, Somersham, Offton and Little Blakenham.

Find out how to contact him here, or you can send a message via his website.

James Cartlidge

James Cartlidge is the MP for the South Suffolk constituency. This includes Burstall, Sproughton and Elmsett.

Find out how to contact him here, or you can send a message via his website.

District Councillors

These are the important councils for planning purposes. The best way to get to grips with the details of the boundaries is through the Ordnance Survey’s Election Maps, which allow you to specify different levels of boundary and zoom in to a very fine level.

Five district councillors cover our area.

John Field

John Field (Liberal Democrat) is the councillor for the Blakenham ward. This covers Flowton, Somersham, Nettlestead, Great and Little Blakenham and more.

Find out how to contact him here.

James Caston

James Caston (Conservative) is the councillor for the Bramford ward. This covers Bramford and Bramford Tye.

Find out how to contact him here.

David Busby

David Busby (Liberal Democrat) is the councillor for the Copdock and Washbrook ward. This includes Burstall.

Find out how to contact him here.

Richard Hardacre

Richard Hardacre (Green) and Zachary Norman (Conservative) are the councillors for the Sproughton and Pinewood ward, which includes Sproughton, and gets close to Burstall at the top of Burstall Lane.

Find out how to contact Richard Hardacre here.

Find out how to contact Zachary Norman here.

County Councillors

The County Council is less likely to be directly involved in the proposals but does have responsibility for a number of relevant issues, such as highways, economic development, the environment, strategic planning and so on. The council’s electoral divisions are even more complicated than those above, but in brief, there are four that cover our area. More detail is available here.

Kay Oakes

Kay Oakes (Conservative) is the county councillor for Bosmere, which covers Somersham, Nettlestead and includes Little Park Nursery, Flowton.

Find out how to contact her here.

John Field

John Field (Liberal Democrat) is the county councillor (the same John Field as district councillor listed above) for Gipping Valley, which covers Bramford, Bramford Tye, Flowton and Little Blakenham as well as Great Blakenham, Claydon and more.

Find out how to contact him here.

Robert Lindsay

Robert Lindsay (Green) is the councillor for Cosford, which includes Elmsett and areas west of Gate Farm & Rhodd’s Farm in Flowton.

Find out how to contact him here.

Christopher Hudson

Christopher Hudson (Conservative) is the councillor for Belstead Park, which covers Burstall, Sproughton and beyond.

Find out how to contact him here.

Can I contact them about the solar farms?

The short answer is yes. And we recommend that you do so.

These people are elected to represent you and your views.

You can contact your MP, County Councillor, and District Councillor with your concerns about the solar farm proposals, and ask them to express your concerns. However please make sure you contact the elected representatives who cover your home address only. For example if you live in Bramford please do not contact MP James Cartlidge. And we recommend including your full address in any correspondence you send to them in order to speed up their reply.

If you’ve looked at the websites and are still a little uncertain who represents you then please send an email to and we will try to find out for you.